National Coming Out Day

Today is a very special day: a day where parents and friends are preempted with ideas, expectations, from individuals racking their minds some ill at ease to say something simple.

This is my story: I was in high school andin an uplifting relationship with M. Most people knew that we were dating and for all that they could surmise, I was gay. M is transgender, something I can say no more on our of respect. He didn’t really want people to know. And we were lesbians. But I was content, and faithful for my heart yearned for one person. And this lead to an important discovery about my sexuality.

I was fortunate that the person I grew to love found me, waited, prepped and asked me out. M brought me out of my shell and broke down the cement walls I had barricaded my heart with, my being. The parts of me so long locked away. And if that had not happened, if he had not sensitized me to the world, tapped into my empathy, sympathy, I would have lost an opportunity at one great love. Because I was close minded.

I am pansexual. And  I have proudly let people know when they ask.

Have best ask those who exist: Smile for no matter the adversity, happiness is set to ebb and flow.

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