G Darius

Jammin’ out to a soundtrack that makes my heart race with so much excitement.

G-Darius was one of the rare games that I truly miss from my childhood.  My brother and I could sink hours and hours into it, replaying scenarios to make different choices that either ended in utter failure or joyous new high scores.  There’s a little scheme in the game that let’s you capture enemy battle ships and absorb them, charge your beam and unleash a godly smiting power.  Once, just once in my life, I made the most beautiful beam where I crushed the enemy boss in the Beam Duel.  Crazed, I mashed X as fast as my little fingers could handle, and saw as the entire screen was engulfed in beautiful triumphant blue.

Death to all those who oppose me!

Sometimes I think back to that moment, when all I knew as a child was that this was how you moved up and down and this button fires bullets.  Looking back on it, like so many other things, I realize there was actually a story, a reason for all the fighting and nonsensical wonder that surrounded my brother and I as we crusaded through levels, massive side-scrolling missions that he pursued with such tactical coordination.  On the other hand, my little ship would go down… often.  But all the same, it was fun, it was fun!

I learned some new things about my favorite PlayStation game.  To relive the nostalgia, I checked the price on Amazon – $143.87 (which is a bit devastating).  Luckily there are such things as other places to shop and used games.  Seems a bit much to surf through a world gunning down fish to an intense soundtrack ran by Zuntata.  But no matter what, I will play this game once more!  And like a little kid with an unstoppable grin, I’ll sit in my corner of the world, handheld in my hands (apparently it’s possible to buy on the PSP!) and create more beautiful memories.

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