First Few Steps

Today I’ve started registration for the next semester and talked to my admissions counselor.  My next steps include talking to Financial Aid and taking out loans (very likely) to cover the cost on my online classes as well as the supplies needed.  Man, I sometimes forget about how expensive it is to be an art major.  Seriously.

I’ll need to purchase around a 100 dollars in art supplies.

I’ve made a slight adjustment to my plan.  I realize that I would be happy drawing in general:  so I’m choosing an Illustration major to open up more time (possibly) in my life so I can do other things.  It makes me so happy.  : 3  But I am on the way!!  Wish me luck.

Now on another topic.  To reveal a little more:  I attend Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD as a Biology Education Major with a minor in Chemistry.  This is my fifth semester and I’ve already earned approximately 70 credits.  Yes, I am most definitely a junior in my college.  And what I’ve found is that since I broke up with my ex-fiance which is the major reason I came to this college, I can’t force myself to want something I don’t.  I enjoy Biology but I don’t enjoy sitting in the labs and the idea of spending a good portion of my life there really hurts me emotionally.  Because I am an emotional person!  I’ve not been to a lot of my classes recently.  There’s very little desire left in me to see them because (I’ve used this word a lot in this post) I’m changing my major.  Though I should endeavor to actually obtain good grades and finish this semester.  For financial reasons.

Follow your heart!

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