Pokemon Y

I just caved and ordered it on Amazon (since it was gone from all the other places I would have bought it at physically).  Truly there was a bit of nervousness after reading some posts fans of the series had made, critiques about the new Fairy type and the unchanged formula for each generation:  travel the region with a pokemon, defeat eight gym leaders and so on and so forth.

But I am quite happy with my purchase.  : 3  I’ve been a longtime pokemon fan and although I can understand that some people might want more out of the series, it is what is selling.  Kind of like COD (Call of Duty) and other games with similar dispositions.  I can now interact with my pokemon in more intimate ways – I can pet them and feed them poke fluffs (which I’ll admit I wish I had the chance to make like any of the Poke Blocks in Sapphire and Ruby, or Poffins in Diamond and Pearl) and play games with them.  I can also put them through some strenuous Super Training which increases their base stats which is a lot easier for me to understand than EV training.

Even though I don’t care for a lot of the new particular pokemon designs I am glad at the mesh of all the different generations converging in this little game, the ability to challenge anyone around the world and trade with them!  It makes things so much easier on that regard and I don’t have to worry about people in my local area having the time to stop and play with me.  There’s always someone there.

My friend code is 4699 – 5833 – 5854.  : 3

Sometimes nostalgia really wins.


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