Dick and Jane’s Naughty Spot! And More…

Aunt Flow is quite evil.  Even the cramping is not so bad but when it comes with the rush of hormones that have an adverse affect on my emotions and moods (birth control dampens it nowadays)… it becomes slightly unbearable.  Especially when the option to kill the urge that’s been eating at you constantly for more than six months is pestering you at every mental bend and turn.

Ahem.  I convinced my friends Seth and Arb to go to a sex shop with me in a nearby town.  That was my second visit ever to a sex shop and shan’t be my last! (I signed up for a rewards card – I mean… they sold really fun… things).  There are some important things to know about this trip:  1)  Seth got a shout out on our college confessions page, 2)  He was swimming in it.  It was actually pretty endearing. Back on scene.  Location! right next to a Chinese restaurant to which I couldn’t help but crack really dirty jokes about.  Hard not to!  Stepping inside, it wasn’t so bad for a South Dakota.  It had a nice little layout and some really friendly employees who made me feel rather welcome and not weird.  Because even though I view sex as a natural urge there are still times when I become incredibly shy… especially when I’m around some people whom I am not used to knowing anything about my sexual preferences.  Though if prompted with a question I normally answer without a second thought.  Off topic!  (That happens).  I walked around.  And sheepishly looked at all the dildos.  And thought… “Wow, I haven’t had sex with a guy in such a long time… I better get something on the smaller side…”  So I did, but not after wincing at some of the sizes that were in stock.

I made it out with a 5.5, after trying some flavored lube, reading snippets of some books I really regret not getting.  It was a rather good experience.  I’m going to go back!
Now the whole point of me telling you about Seth’s shoutout was because as soon as we walked in the store and an employee checked our IDs, she freaked out, recalled the confession and made Seth’s life.

Let’s end on a positive note:  sex shops are good fun!  Go visit them if you’re 18+.

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