Dream of a Soul

Just before dozing off to sleep a day before yesterday and this came into my mind.  I’m not a poetic genius, but I hope you appreciate and enjoy these words:

I broke my heart to serve the needs

Of people dear to me

Little regret I have in life

Yet, heart cut with a Knife

Built of years of sacrifice

Founded on promises dimmed by light

I woke my soul to screams of fright

Of dreams that flee, banished to night

Where, buried, my heart lay dead

Roots of desire soon were spread

And hope grew from everlasting sorrow

That last line I go back and forth on.  It doesn’t rhyme with any of the above words but I like that it sticks out.  This is a pretty raw version but I like it!  Tell me what you guys think!  And maybe suggest a better title than what I am about to come up with in… five seconds…?

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