Halloween (Updated)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!  Mine was a bit late in celebration because I caught a sickness that beautiful night and then I journeyed all the way to Conde, South Dakota, with some friends to participate in the Annual Conde Haunted House.  You should check them out on Facebook and like them!

I’ll be putting some pictures up of me soon in my costume (of course).  It’s been a while since I had the chance to legitimately scare people and I must say it is extremely therapeutic.  Your night and the other player’s nights (we “play”, we the little actor’s) haven’t been made until you hear someone scream and quietly announce, “I think I peed my pants!”  Gold.  Myself and a few other players had been assigned the area we called “Chairs” and were the first scares when people headed upstairs.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful room – an old theater!  In the beginning, Tina (we’ll call her the Master) shouts up the stairs, “Someone’s coming up!  It’s Diana!  Let ’em have it!”  I sat in the front row of the center aisle of seats, chilling, in the dark when I saw this very frightened middle-aged woman.  First instinct:  after she passed me, I leapt out of my chair and grabbed her, flailed a little bit, and fell to the floor dead.  Hahaha, I made her wet herself.
There were so many other scares that night that we could hear as people walked through the upstairs and downstairs portions on their self-led excursions that gave us fits of laughter.  Possibly maniacal and cruel.  Does this make up bad people?

Halfway through the night, I changed into some street clothes and filmed several groups and they trekked through, some hollering at the top of their lungs and others truly frightened yet who only managed to sing out a strand of curses.  It was a good night.  Very few of us got hit.  I got stepped on and poked and prodded and deemed fake (muahahahahaha, all part of my plan).

At the end of the night, I was asked a very important question:  “Did you catch the sickness?”

“I done caught it bad.”

Happy Halloween from me to you and lastly, don’t forget today is Daylight Savings Time!  Fall back, so set your clocks an hour back (or make sure they are set back), and enjoy this extra hour because it’s going to bite you in the Spring.

Here’s a lovely picture of my costume!

Doll Face


And you should check us out here!

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