(What a chore!)

I had always heard that there was so much paperwork involved when you transferred between colleges… but I hadn’t really thought of it.  More or less because I never thought I would transfer out!  There’s requesting an official transcript of your old college to send to your new one!  There’s the worrying about crossing over of credits – which at least 24 credits of mine are transferring out to a school in California (awesome sauce) – there’s the figuring out of financial aid in situations like mine when you transfer between aid award terms (which is messy), and then there’s what do you do with yourself?

I would really like to drop out.  So many people are rooting for me to finish this year and semester out.  I feel obliged and I want to do them proud for having known a person like me.  I hope that for those of you who are transferring, the process grinds on smoothly.  : 3  Take care!

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