(Green) Arrow

Arrow is a series I discovered on Netflix.  And my, I enjoyed it!

Oliver Queen and Batman could be comparable in many departments.  Oliver and Bruce masquerade as massive fraternizing playboys with way too much money to throw around.  But as most of you may know with Bruce Wayne, Queen also likes to invest in his toys and weapons of justice.  Aside from the wit and the tendency to target certain criminals the similarities pretty much stop here.  Queen’s family is intact physically except for his father, but they are emotionally torn apart.

After being rescued from an island, Oliver must step back into a life he hasn’t lived… in years.  And being much changed from his experiences on the island, Olie finds it difficult to connect with them.  And his friends and his ex-girlfriend whom he wronged shortly before being shipwrecked.  How to apologize to a mass of people who can only remember what you were?  And then to have to lie to their faces constantly to keep your secrets from interfering with their safety?  In this way, I feel Oliver leads a much more complex life or at least parallel to Bruce’s.

The Green Arrow is much too under appreciated in the DC universe in my opinion.  One of the very few people I can appreciate for fine skill in a much beloved sport:  archery.  And he shoots a recurve in the series!  That makes me super happy.

So if you have Netflix or some other methods of watching the show, give it a shot.  It’s pretty dark and pretty intense, but the story is quite lovely in a macabre sense.  And definitely find some comics to read up on this archer who had a really rough start.

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