I Feel Dancing!

Quite recently I had my 21st birthday experience:  with a little bit of bar hopping!  We stopped in a bar with a dance floor and I looked out and wished that someone might ask me to dance.  Someone specific just because of his ability to make me feel more comfortable with myself somehow.

By this time I had been coming down from my drunk level and plateauing at just feeling good.

Like a scene from a movie, he came to me whilst sitting on my chair assuredly looking a bit sad and said, “Come with me.  You deserve to dance on your birthday!”  I wish I had been wearing the birthday crown that had been passed around by my roommate;  the princess picture would have been complete.  But in that foggy haze, I still remember clearly through my shyness, that I enjoyed dancing.  A lot.  And I had always known I had:  it was one of the singular most liberating experiences I had to not care what people thought because no one was paying attention (I hope).  I existed in my own little world, with him, and I was free.       We kept dancing song after song, and it was beautiful!  So thrilling, so sensual!  Never before had this happened to me.  He pulled me in and said, “Why is that I am the only guy that can get you to dance?”  Sometimes he would give us both a break, sit us down, and share this lovely beer with me.  It was delicious and sated my parched tongue.  Dancing had brought out laughter in me, smiles, and such an overwhelming sense of greatness.  He kissed me several times and I he.  We were silly and playful.

This was one of many highlights on my birthday…  Even though I may have been too shy to look him in the eye at times.

Have you ever had such a moment in your life when things were just going right for you?  When you felt free from all that let you down?

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