Chocolate and Good Conversation

Often times the best thing I can do to raise a little happiness in my life is talk to a really good friend.  It doesn’t have to be about anything in particular or serious – it just has to be something we can talk about.  If there were ever a person you need to meet in your life, that would be this kind of person:  the person you can talk about anything with.

Good conversation leaves me feeling elated, emotionally entwined with rational thoughts, beliefs, or possibly even ideals.  It is like taking a deep breath and letting out a good sigh or yawn.  You get a little worked up in the process but in the end, it feels good.  So do it often.  We are social creatures after all.  Treat yourself as if you were a Sim!  (But please, don’t be sadistic!  Taking out pool ladders and refusing to let them go to the bathroom is evil in many ways.)  You have needs and one of them is social.  Now you may not completely climb down into insanity by talking to volleyballs with handprints or weird little puppets (and hopefully a clown doesn’t apparate into existence), but just the same you can feel the effects of not being able to or not connecting with people.

And if there is no one around at the moment, write out an e-mail to reach out and consume lots of chocolate.  Because who doesn’t like chocolate? (Except for obviously the people who… well, don’t.)

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