Cloud Atlas

Inspiration:  Cloud Atlas, the movie.

As much as it might come across I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a love letter.  It is not meant to be.

I’ve cried tonight and the tears I’ve given are not of the sad kind nor the melancholic.  They are tears of discovery and happiness that the jaded quality that once shaded my heart may have cracked and broken off piece by piece.  I’ve had my faith in love, immortal, restored, somehow.  The love that endures all life and time, that is finally made tangible through the trials of and celebrations of our lives.  There is such a thing, I’ve felt it before.

It is funny to think that now my fingers glide dreamily over my keys, unable to contain my excitement.  There’s something ethereal about the feeling of revival itself that I am not sure I can quite explain.  It began with words and a glance.  I can see the wonder between the distance between us as the same as that between the stars.  We are all meant to belong.

I’m happy in my heart thinking that I am indeed a young 21.  And I am tired of being so impatient.  I am tired of expecting things to happen right this moment though it might thrill my heart to fantasize about the what-ifs and might-bes.  There’s so much time in our young lives to get to know each other that we ought to do it more intimately.  I wish I could reach out and touch the heart of every individual for every person I see I can almost definitely see the parts of me and the parts of they, we two, have in common.

Progress in waiting and in creating the steps that lead to your goals.  I can see it.  My heart feels pressed for time for some unknown reason and partly because every day becomes a reminder that days are golden tinted with silver stitches across a moment, a chance moment.  Things keep getting better and try as I might, I have lived and will live my life to accept you, one day, when we are both ready.  And even if that day may not come in this lifetime then I shall travel to the next and wait eagerly.

Have faith.

There is someone.

Love be to those who hold on.

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