OkCupid (And Online Dating)

It may be that I am extremely bored.  But it really all starts since I read an article on BuzzFeed called 21 Questions Asian People Are Sick of Hearing (enjoy that –> http://www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/questions-asian-people-are-sick-of-answering?bffb ).  And glimpsing through sum of them I found great joy at newly discovered memories.  For me, however, I look more like my Samoan heritage and many people often are surprised to know that I am a quarter Korean as well.  Let the fun begin with all the Asian jokes.  All in good fun.

What, of course, started this post was the thirteenth posting.  What would people then say to me?  I am intrigued.  And I am also curious though don’t want anything too serious.  I’ve got plans and I’m not ready to really commit to dating.  I don’t feel like it at least.  But maybe I will make it out with a few new chat buddies, some other interesting experiences and hopefully not a lot of people asking if I want to get laid.

So… to OkCupid to see what this mess is all about!

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