The Hierachry of Men and Their Relationships

Tonight I went to beloved Flannigan’s for Mug Monday with two of my best friends and got a small education in guys’ relationships.  It was quite fun to see how some guys describe their own relationships.

What I learned:  good ol’ friend number one is Alpha because he enjoys that and most people looking in see him as the leader of the posse of men.  Not far from the truth.  What it really means is that if they were a boy band he would be the center of all the album covers and band art.  He’d always be that figure that is most dominating (by a bit) over the others.  He’s the one that says, “Guys!  Let’s do something!” and the would all fall in line because he’s the alpha and he said so.  I guess in that case it would be like Alpha says.  There’s this strange competition between guys that is different from girl’s feel of competition.

What more will I learn sipping on Irish Coffees?

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