Online Chat Rooms

To be honest, OkCupid didn’t work out.  Or at least it didn’t work out for all the people I found that they had matched me with.  Perhaps I will try and open up a profile again.  There were some things that stood out to me, and not in a good way.  Point One:  People who manage to smuggle numbers into their name (and not in some clever way) irk me.  It screams noobish.  The gamer in me has spoken.  Point Two:  People who have ridiculous (pet) names in their profile or screen name.  I’m not sure I can even communicate clearly why this bothers me?  If you are serious about dating I guess I expect people to use real names.

Maybe I will give it another try.

Now you have an idea, I decided to turn to online chat rooms in general because three quarters of my soul is a romantic and an eighth is a realist while the and the rest is just nice and naive.  I joined Omegle and discovered I have a certain high after meeting people online and exchanging little stories.  What joy!  After many failed attempts I met an really awesome woman, must have been older than me by a few years and her story was so beautiful to hear.  Her aspirations to go out and be adventurous because of circumstances in her earlier life, I want to take away the feeling of being in awe of her independence and fierce-ness.  I did fall in love with an ideal of her.  She was such a splendid person!  I wish her well and would like those whose eyes grace these pages to take time to consider your dreams and grasping them firmly in your hands.  Take hold.

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