Cleaning the Apartment

Such a great title, you know?

There was a nice little exchange of words with my coworker and friend.  I dropped out of the giant red pickup and shuffled upstairs, feet hurting and tired.  Mopping the entire front of the house took a little bit more out of me because people have tracking all sorts of things with the snow.  Regardless, I was eager that tonight was a balmy 30 or so compared to the negative tens and fifteens of last week.  In went the key, and click went the lock and as the lights flicked on I smiled.

Just before I went to work I had vacuumed and picked up around the living room/kitchen of the apartment.  My roommate is away on work so it’s just me.  There was something nice coming back to a scene that wasn’t a complete mess.  And that made me so incredibly happy.

Oh I have missed cleaning!  Now time for some wine and games.  I’ve been happily sampling some of the ones I bought at Sam’s Club a few days ago!

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