I’m in a pretty good mood for having skipped two finals.  Yes, that has happened.  Aren’t I a terrible student?  But that is not the true point of this post!  No, no that.  It is something much more… delightful.

Watching Matrix Revelations has gotten me pumped up for a work party I will be attending with my roommate (because I know he will at least try to play the games and he knows a fair amount of the people going).  And although it is a work function my coworkers are all really cool and nice people.  Case in point, today is going to be awesome regardless of what happens because somehow, without even trying it is already a good day.  I’m going to get my hair done – it’s an asymmetrical cut and so far it’s grown out to a little past my shoulders and I had my stylist even it out to make it straighter… and now I want to get it cut asymmetrically again so that the left side is a touch higher than it is now.  I need to make up my mind!

I think I am going to enjoy this day most of all simply because this is one of the last days I will be spending with my friends.  Last day until I pop up to North Dakota to join my family for an early Christmas celebration with my littler brother before he gets hauled off to California by my dad on the 20th.  However, that means I will be alone.  With my moms.  And nothing to do.  For three days.  Oh the horror!  You can love your family all you want but that doesn’t mean all the time you spend with them is completely pleasant.  I hope I will survive.  I hope I will survive.

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