The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Dear Readers and Passerbyers,

I’ve seen the new movie and it was glorious!  I fangasmed really hard and even at parts where I knew it would not be possible wished so deeply that Peter Jackson would have pushed Tom Bombadil into the film.  So I could see his merry bum.

There’s very little detail I could go in that could truly describe how thrilled I was to see and experience this movie.  But such lovely fun, do you remember the Sherlock series?  The British one?  Fun little bit is that the actor who plays John Watson, Martin Freemen, plays Bilbo, and Benedict Cumberbatch (so much gold in this man) plays Smaug and another character meet.  And this time as enemies!  How cleverly fun that was to be?  Oh such good heart in this!

Go watch it.

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