Crazy Cravings

I’m settled into my second night at my moms’ house and I have had such a blast doing terribly nothing important but all the same, meaningful.  Tonight I was able to see my little brother’s last flag football game of the season, meet the family of his two good friends and eat some delicious food.  Nothing quite like the hearty nostalgia to fill your cup at night.

To speak of cravings, I been craving food like mad.  I am not sure what it is – for the past month it has been this strange topsy-turvy roller coaster of appetites and insane hankerings for things that are always just outside the limits of my cupboards.  My friends joke that I am pregnant (impossible unless I impregnated myself).  How the heck do you kill the urge to snack on everything in the fridge?  How does the desire to go out and buy a pound of cookies go away?

Then there are the emotional cravings that lead into sappy examples of what I’m dreaming of ever more and more.  I want the contact of a certain person, I want to taste them again and rejoice in the touch of their skin.  I’m so excited for something I can’t quite nail down on this post (much too personal).  But it exists.

Physical wants are interesting.  Touching back to food I want fruits and vegetables of all sorts to have a party in my mouth!  And I want to exercise and tone my nice little body and become a fighting machine!  So I can one-up my guy friends who flail about with their manly egos during sparring sessions.  I want to be a part of that craziness because it looks like fun!

Spiritually there exists a nice desire to hunt down some new layouts and spread out the ol’ tarot deck.  I’m disappointed in myself for not bringing them to the Hobbit for they would have loved to see Smaug in his great and terrible splendor.  It’s been a while since we talked and we always have such good and revealing talks.

Mentally, I crave knowledge.  And despite the education I ducked and dodged there is just a wish to absorb all sorts of information that actually matters to me.  The names and lineages and creation stories in Tolkien’s universe is where I started, and a few pages of Ender’s Game.  My mind is scattered but happy.  It hasn’t worked this earnestly in so long and I can feel how much glucose I’m really burning by how weary I get marrying ideas together in my head.  But it is good exercise all the same to sit back and feel a story through its pages.

So as I wait, I type, I please.  I wander, I drive, I rest.  What cravings have you experienced and which ones stuck out most in your mind?

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