Photo Albums

One of my favorite things to do is thumb through photo albums (and scrapbooks).  It gives me a heightened sense of nostalgia, an experience I really dig.  I like to see how many of the memories captured in those pictures I actually remember.  How well is my memory doing?  How happy were those days?  What mess did I get myself into that time?

Recently I bought myself a photo album.  One of those one’s with the sticky pages.  It has a really generic cover but I think I can spice it up.  Just a little bit.  Because I have so many memories I would like to preserve it just felt like the right time.  How many movie experiences can I cram in there?  How many love notes? Apology notes, drawings and poems?  As far back as I can go, I want to remember those things and share them with my loved ones.

I also bought some shark stickers because I love them and they’re adorable.  But, one of them looks like Bruce and Bruce always has a soothing effect as he swims through my mind.  So why not leave an impression of him to guard my memories as well?

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