So far there have been five roommates in my life over three years of living with people whom I wouldn’t consider my legal family. I’ve noticed some things, some differences in the way we behave versus the way I behave and cross the counter with everyone.

Two are engaged: and shall be known as the Engaged couple
Perfect goes to the first roommate.
Awesome goes to the second roommate.
Guy goes to the third roommate.

Some thing I have noticed so far: all the girls I have lived with and the Engaged, have always always brushed their teeth first thing in the morning. I do this as well – my mother and I had a “tragic” upset one lovely holiday morning while at her relatives place for Christmas. I think it is strange but all those ingredients better be protecting my teeth! Secondly, Perfect was the most meticulous about appearance. I can’t call them vain because I picked it up and it’s fun and feels great to look the best I can. Even in plain dress-up. Then follows would be me, honestly, then Engaged and Awesome are tied. Guy goes last. I should live with more single guys I think. So far I hear stereotypes in my head but there really aren’t many I find that spend much effort in starting off their day “right” – as my mom called it. Or at least this morning as I thought about it – he went straight for the tele and Dark Souls which he has been spamming on my XBox because he’s bored of his XBox One games.
On the list of who cares more about their appearance, we have different ways of tackling the issue. Awesome roommate worked out. A lot. Even while she was sick. Engaged and I had trouble getting her to sit still. She dressed casually and was going for that certifiable banging body – in her case she wanted to slim down her thighs which really weren’t that fat at all. They were smaller than mine. Perfect was already skinny from the get go with nice curves (I’m a little biased, I was engaged to this person). She addressed it by dressing in cute clothes and putting on make-up. Unless she wasn’t going out. Then she said, “Fuck it!” and just chilled with me. Engaged were casual and were pretty content whichever way they were. I thought that was really cool. Guy is somewhat… I’m not sure. He does not easily give into letting his thoughts out but I’m sure he has had some acceptance though displays signs of wanting to change.
Some casual things. I wonder what more will I see.


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