Spared and Saved

Not an entirely new idea to me but a good inspiration to keep me up and waiting for a chat with a dear friend.  I was surfing Facebook when I came across this post a friend had reposted from Writer’s Write.  Here’s a link to the page and here’s what I have come up with listening to “Coming Closer” by L’Arc~en~Ciel (and link to that song here):

Evarae sat still, full of intent.  A few more steps and her Grandmother would pass, pester her no longer.  The lamp light penetrated the comfortable darkness of her room, a dull radiance seeping in from the space under her door.  Her eyes furiously watched, breath held in tight, until at long last the light fell away and the sound of foot falls grew weak in the hall.  Breathe fell out.  Evarae’s body, then face, turned towards the balcony windows curtains drawn to let the full light of the moon in.  Was he well?  A foolish thing to hope, to wish, a folly to do.  But it was all she could set her mind to in these late hours.  Especially when the bright light of the moon stared back into her eyes.  They reminded her of his steely eyes and pallid complexion.  A beautiful lily. 

     Grandmother had always warned her, had always haunted her.  But he was nothing like the monsters she described and frightened Evarae with.  She closed her eyes and tried to form a picture of him in her mind.  Was he well?  It was a chilly night; did that bother him?  Another breath.  He had a rich voice, musical and solid.  Maybe is she tried hard enough her mind’s apparition would speak in his voice and help lull her to sleep on this restless night…

“Kill me and be done with it,” he had said.  Prepared, fearless.  Acceptance. 

     Beautiful.  Love.  She had experienced love in her heart.  The first sign she had given herself that she was still there, still human.  Was that possible to feel something so strongly after going so long without feeling anything at all…?  She wished she hadn’t felt it, she wished that it had not led to disappointment.  Even amidst her Grandmother’s assault, the endless lunges and kicks, she thought of it.  And even more of how she couldn’t bear the thought of going without such a pure emotion.  Throughout punishment Evarae felt once more the fondness that had freed her heart for but a moment.  Pain did not exist inside her, even as she panted and coughed up spots of blood.  So much warmth had been born inside.  She would never let go of it.  Never.

     Evarae hoped that even as the day neared she would remember his face. 

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