Completionist Problems: Tales of Vesperia

I pride myself in collecting everything possible in a game.  For the XBox 360, nothing seems more reassuring than the pings of another new achievement unlocked by yours truly.  And then I started looking deeper into Vesperia and cracked.  Approximately 17 hours into the game I realized that I had missed so much!  Mainly because I was using a guide to well, guide me.  Several side-quests missed, several opportunities for some badass weapons and stacking into an achievement or two that would remain undone until another playthrough.  Hence the start of a new game without my friend’s help so I can micromanage even more.  Because shouting, “You need to stop spamming your Artes because we don’t have any items for TP!” is really fun to hear.  Or say. 

     It boggles my mind that side-quests aren’t the beloved things I came to know in other games.  They are all textual really.  The ones I have encountered so far.  And they are very, very easy to miss! with little chance of redemption.  You savvy and cruel Tales games creators.  I should have known better – this wasn’t my first Tales game.

     In the end, with this new playthrough, I am taking it slow.  Because who needs to worry about one Speed run achievement while I level-grind and backtrack and zip all over the place?

     At least I have the Duke Pantarei side quests to keep me sated.  God that man is sexy.  See? 

ImageI borrowed this from Tumblr from someone named… cardevolve?  Does everyone else understand Tumblr besides me?

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