Do you live in your dreams?  Are you able to control what happens in them at will?  Do you ever revisit them and continue the journey other nights?

     I was marching through the castle gardens – there was a small invasion.  My brigade was the first on the scene though I should really say that my captain’s brigade was first on the scene.  We defeated the assailants quickly and more time was spent cleaning up the palace grounds and tending to the few wounded.  But as I was headed back to the barracks I recalled my blade which must’ve been more lance like in length with a few spells and heard the whispers among my own comrades.  I didn’t bunk with them.  But then I saw her.  She was beautiful and she caught me off guard.

     I returned to my room, waving to the friends I made who lived in the hall.  But that is really all part of the dream I wish to remember.  Aside from the strange desert setting in the city outside the gates of the royal quarter, there was little to be explored.

     Dreams like this are fun.  It’s like living so many different lives at the same time.  I hope I can continue this one for a while.


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