About Me


I’ve been using the handle Gweynavere for a while and this is how I am going to present myself to the world via the internet and social media (well most).  Currently I am a college student blogging about my life because I find it wonderful to share life experiences with others and receive them.  Some of the most inspiring things I have found in my walk through life is when others’ paths intersected with mine or whose path lies near to me.  This means that I have admitted to myself that I do have some valuable stories to tell for people like me or unlike me to listen to, and I think that’s important.

Some really basic things about me include that I absolutely love video games and perhaps the choice in friends I’ve made has happily made me nerdier.  Yoshi’s are the best thing in the world.  I’ll probably write about them often.  And food is delicious, delicious, delicious.  Some things I really dislike however are people telling me how to feel, how other people should feel and being trapped indoors.




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