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Soon, it will be here… Soon…!

Perhaps you could consider it a little obsession. It started out when I was much younger I latched onto the adorable dinosaurs, colours like the rainbow, and they were so wonderful. They cried, they laughed, they hungered, they had humanity. As I have grown, the sickness is not as powerful. But, it’s a memento for something that has always kept me going and a token of appreciation to keep them near. It’s much like how people might collect guardian angels or prayers.

So please, have a share in my collection if you’re a fan too.

Yoshi #1 (DS Game Case)

Dear me oh my,


It’s come in!  I’m so very very happy to see this lovely and adorable DS game case with the graphic of a Yoshi, tongue out to stick it to… well whatever.  : 3  It’s so adorable. And now I have added another cute piece to my collection of nostalgia.

This beautiful little gem holds six DS games or SD cards and two styluses.


And it’s just a little smaller than my 3DS.  Which is really nice because every time I want to pull out another game I can whip this baby out and be like BAM!  Like my case?

More acquisitions on the way.