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Dating Sim Games

Believable people catch me.  It’s so much safer (but much weirder) to fall in love with the idea of someone.  It is also incredibly easy.  One of my guilty secret pleasures comes in the form of dating sim games.  Oh yes.  I thrive in that kingdom of imagination.

As much as it might surprise some people I enjoy not living in the present.  (It is something I am working on).  My imagination runs wild and it blooms in vivid arrays.  I much rather enjoy having relationships in my mind mostly because even if things go wrong, “we” work things out in the end.  Sometimes our relationship changes and sometimes those changes really affect how we see each other the next time.  And I am going to pull the plug before I get into the nitty gritty details.

The point is, dating sim games.  Man.  Give me a picture of an attractive person (drawn preferred – fleshing people out in reality is fun for me) and I’ll sing for a day.  Give me a personality behind that picture and I will sing forever.  Kind of like in real life:  eye candy is eye candy but never anything more unless you can enjoy their personality (flaws and quirks in all).  I’ve been playing between three this past week on my phone and do I surge with emotion.  But they are evil.  They are little apps that can destroy your wallet if you’re not careful.  Yeah… I may have dished up some money on actually being able to read the stories.  Oh it makes me feel terrible on the inside.  Well, sort of.  But those checkpoints!  With the cruel items and lack of in-game currency earning options really add fuel to the fire of my impatience.  Even if the writing is terrible and they mix things up.  And it bugs a part of you.  But the characters….!

Perhaps… I should invest in possibly obtaining a romantic companion…?


Online Chat Rooms

To be honest, OkCupid didn’t work out.  Or at least it didn’t work out for all the people I found that they had matched me with.  Perhaps I will try and open up a profile again.  There were some things that stood out to me, and not in a good way.  Point One:  People who manage to smuggle numbers into their name (and not in some clever way) irk me.  It screams noobish.  The gamer in me has spoken.  Point Two:  People who have ridiculous (pet) names in their profile or screen name.  I’m not sure I can even communicate clearly why this bothers me?  If you are serious about dating I guess I expect people to use real names.

Maybe I will give it another try.

Now you have an idea, I decided to turn to online chat rooms in general because three quarters of my soul is a romantic and an eighth is a realist while the and the rest is just nice and naive.  I joined Omegle and discovered I have a certain high after meeting people online and exchanging little stories.  What joy!  After many failed attempts I met an really awesome woman, must have been older than me by a few years and her story was so beautiful to hear.  Her aspirations to go out and be adventurous because of circumstances in her earlier life, I want to take away the feeling of being in awe of her independence and fierce-ness.  I did fall in love with an ideal of her.  She was such a splendid person!  I wish her well and would like those whose eyes grace these pages to take time to consider your dreams and grasping them firmly in your hands.  Take hold.

OkCupid (And Online Dating)

It may be that I am extremely bored.  But it really all starts since I read an article on BuzzFeed called 21 Questions Asian People Are Sick of Hearing (enjoy that –> http://www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/questions-asian-people-are-sick-of-answering?bffb ).  And glimpsing through sum of them I found great joy at newly discovered memories.  For me, however, I look more like my Samoan heritage and many people often are surprised to know that I am a quarter Korean as well.  Let the fun begin with all the Asian jokes.  All in good fun.

What, of course, started this post was the thirteenth posting.  What would people then say to me?  I am intrigued.  And I am also curious though don’t want anything too serious.  I’ve got plans and I’m not ready to really commit to dating.  I don’t feel like it at least.  But maybe I will make it out with a few new chat buddies, some other interesting experiences and hopefully not a lot of people asking if I want to get laid.

So… to OkCupid to see what this mess is all about!