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Sent Home

A post after a long while.

It’s almost like writing a long overdue letter to a friend you forgot to keep contact with.

Today I wanted to talk about something a bit mundane.  I was sent home, deemed too sick to work.  Maybe it’s a cold, maybe it’s the flu (hope not, bet not) but either way, too sick to look healthy.  Currently I work at a Papa Murphys – one of those food chain stores.  Every day, all day, I am knees deep in food.  Unwrapping it, cutting, dicing, chopping, toting, storing and slathering and lathering it onto pizzas for moms to take home, it’s there all around me.  So fair, probably shouldn’t be at work.  No one is at fault truly.  Getting sent home so I don’t contaminate my coworkers or any foodstuffs is a safe call.  Plus I most definitely needed the rest.  What really bugs me… is that I need all the hours I am scheduled for.  Don’t you?

I am 23 now.  Huh.

23 and living in an apartment that rents out for $475 split with one roommate, a slight older.  It is nice, modest and the most affordable we have.  I pay roughly $237.50.  My half of utilities come roughly around $70 – $100 (including my internet bill).  Phone is around $70 (coming soon!) and the real killer is my student loan bill totaling $214 -ish every month.

My job is lovely.  At my 35 hours, I work just slightly more than I want, mornings from 8-3, 5 days a week.  Weekends are mine unless otherwise asked and I get paid $10/hour.  Which is more than I can say for some other people I know.  It gets me by.  There’s even this wonderful new ability I acquired called saving that is quickly building back up my savings account.

And it all works as long as I labor.

This month marks the first day that I actually have health insurance as per the law.  Which is nice.  Not noted above but noted now for this simple revelation: jobs that come with benefits are valuable.  Silly me, I didn’t comprehend that.  It really took me having to afford health insurance on my own in order to drive that fact into my head.  And it took over.  It replicated many, many times in my brain.  Having sick days, paid vacations, retirement plans built into your jobs, insurance, and on and on are all precious.  Perhaps you might not think so, perhaps you are better off.  But these offers are things that tend to be exclusively offered to full-time positions.

Which is where I finally come back around – I’m only a part-timer.  Problems ensue.  Still sick, still recovering but able to finally work after two days.  Those hours I missed are valuable.

But I am not alone.