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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Sole reason I got a 3DS – no lie.

Since the announcement of another North American release (which, if I remember correctly, was rather questionable at a certain stage) of a Fire Emblem game, I waited.  And I waited anxiously.  My friend Adam and I couldn’t recall a time we were so flipping excited for a game since we had cried through FE:  Radiant Dawn (and not the good crying – the soul crushing punishment sort that cripples all joy and life). Here are some of my favorite features!

I.  Support Conversations

They actually exist!  They’re not some sad excuse for a garbage exchange of words that are too general to be considered special.  (Like in Radiant Dawn).  People have intriguing, entertaining conversations and should you reach that special A or, gasp!, S class support, you hear those gooshy heart warming things people might actually say to each other through the thick and thin of war.  Then there’s proposals (which I love hearing how certain characters accept and give their words of love, confessions).  The point is, there is dimension to your army of badassery.

II.  The Avatar Character

Brought back, tada!  You get to create and mold yourself into the story!  As a tactical genius with your own class and awesomeness you play an integral role in the story.  Isn’t that great?  Who doesn’t love to be kick ass and important?  This is absolute gold for a girl like me who enjoys role-playing very very much.

III.  The Battle System

Fire Emblem runs on a turn-based system in which units are set on a giant chessboard with specific stats. There’s something wonderful about adding in all the factors to accomplish whatever your goal is (which is normally routing the enemy).  Like all Fire Emblem games you start off with a small band of characters and through the game’s chapters you have the option of recruiting other fine assets to your army.  In this game there is also an infinite re-classing and leveling up process so you can build beef cakes granted you have the money.  You also have the option of using any five skills.

Awakening also makes use of a Pair Up system that lets two units occupy a single space and assist each other more actively in combat as well as add stat bonuses to the lead character’s build (temporarily of course).  I’ve used this many times to dominate the field.

iV.  Story

There’s very little I can say without spoiling it, but this story is awesome.  Like, holy hell this is awesome.

And there’s more, like the art but that’s enough to leave you with and I encourage those of you who enjoy strategic RPGs will pick this under appreciated gem up and give it a whirl!