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Dating Sim Games

Believable people catch me.  It’s so much safer (but much weirder) to fall in love with the idea of someone.  It is also incredibly easy.  One of my guilty secret pleasures comes in the form of dating sim games.  Oh yes.  I thrive in that kingdom of imagination.

As much as it might surprise some people I enjoy not living in the present.  (It is something I am working on).  My imagination runs wild and it blooms in vivid arrays.  I much rather enjoy having relationships in my mind mostly because even if things go wrong, “we” work things out in the end.  Sometimes our relationship changes and sometimes those changes really affect how we see each other the next time.  And I am going to pull the plug before I get into the nitty gritty details.

The point is, dating sim games.  Man.  Give me a picture of an attractive person (drawn preferred – fleshing people out in reality is fun for me) and I’ll sing for a day.  Give me a personality behind that picture and I will sing forever.  Kind of like in real life:  eye candy is eye candy but never anything more unless you can enjoy their personality (flaws and quirks in all).  I’ve been playing between three this past week on my phone and do I surge with emotion.  But they are evil.  They are little apps that can destroy your wallet if you’re not careful.  Yeah… I may have dished up some money on actually being able to read the stories.  Oh it makes me feel terrible on the inside.  Well, sort of.  But those checkpoints!  With the cruel items and lack of in-game currency earning options really add fuel to the fire of my impatience.  Even if the writing is terrible and they mix things up.  And it bugs a part of you.  But the characters….!

Perhaps… I should invest in possibly obtaining a romantic companion…?




This game still has not gone down in price!

You play poor Vincent who’s in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend named Katherine who starts pressing the idea that maybe… they should get out of their comfort zone.  It sort of freaks him out.  Suddenly he starts having nightmares.  Odd ones.  Every night you must spend your nightmares climbing a tower of blocks, a puzzle.  One night while visiting his favorite bar, The Stray Sheep, he gets massively drunk.  And meets this blonde hottie who’s totally throwing the moves on him.  Next morning, voila! Cheater.  The game is basically you deciding Vincent’s fate.

Now that the synopsis is over.  I actually really enjoyed this game!  It’s been a long time since I have been able to get all riled up from a game, enjoying the mind-bending puzzles (I totally played on easy too!).  I’m totally going to give it another go to shoot for another ending (hell yeah replay value) as well as challenge myself on a higher difficulty.

If you have enough spare funds (it’s still running for approximately $40) or you have a friend with it, maybe you’d like to give a try.

Pokemon Y

I just caved and ordered it on Amazon (since it was gone from all the other places I would have bought it at physically).  Truly there was a bit of nervousness after reading some posts fans of the series had made, critiques about the new Fairy type and the unchanged formula for each generation:  travel the region with a pokemon, defeat eight gym leaders and so on and so forth.

But I am quite happy with my purchase.  : 3  I’ve been a longtime pokemon fan and although I can understand that some people might want more out of the series, it is what is selling.  Kind of like COD (Call of Duty) and other games with similar dispositions.  I can now interact with my pokemon in more intimate ways – I can pet them and feed them poke fluffs (which I’ll admit I wish I had the chance to make like any of the Poke Blocks in Sapphire and Ruby, or Poffins in Diamond and Pearl) and play games with them.  I can also put them through some strenuous Super Training which increases their base stats which is a lot easier for me to understand than EV training.

Even though I don’t care for a lot of the new particular pokemon designs I am glad at the mesh of all the different generations converging in this little game, the ability to challenge anyone around the world and trade with them!  It makes things so much easier on that regard and I don’t have to worry about people in my local area having the time to stop and play with me.  There’s always someone there.

My friend code is 4699 – 5833 – 5854.  : 3

Sometimes nostalgia really wins.

Yoshi #1 (DS Game Case)

Dear me oh my,


It’s come in!  I’m so very very happy to see this lovely and adorable DS game case with the graphic of a Yoshi, tongue out to stick it to… well whatever.  : 3  It’s so adorable. And now I have added another cute piece to my collection of nostalgia.

This beautiful little gem holds six DS games or SD cards and two styluses.


And it’s just a little smaller than my 3DS.  Which is really nice because every time I want to pull out another game I can whip this baby out and be like BAM!  Like my case?

More acquisitions on the way.

G Darius

Jammin’ out to a soundtrack that makes my heart race with so much excitement.

G-Darius was one of the rare games that I truly miss from my childhood.  My brother and I could sink hours and hours into it, replaying scenarios to make different choices that either ended in utter failure or joyous new high scores.  There’s a little scheme in the game that let’s you capture enemy battle ships and absorb them, charge your beam and unleash a godly smiting power.  Once, just once in my life, I made the most beautiful beam where I crushed the enemy boss in the Beam Duel.  Crazed, I mashed X as fast as my little fingers could handle, and saw as the entire screen was engulfed in beautiful triumphant blue.

Death to all those who oppose me!

Sometimes I think back to that moment, when all I knew as a child was that this was how you moved up and down and this button fires bullets.  Looking back on it, like so many other things, I realize there was actually a story, a reason for all the fighting and nonsensical wonder that surrounded my brother and I as we crusaded through levels, massive side-scrolling missions that he pursued with such tactical coordination.  On the other hand, my little ship would go down… often.  But all the same, it was fun, it was fun!

I learned some new things about my favorite PlayStation game.  To relive the nostalgia, I checked the price on Amazon – $143.87 (which is a bit devastating).  Luckily there are such things as other places to shop and used games.  Seems a bit much to surf through a world gunning down fish to an intense soundtrack ran by Zuntata.  But no matter what, I will play this game once more!  And like a little kid with an unstoppable grin, I’ll sit in my corner of the world, handheld in my hands (apparently it’s possible to buy on the PSP!) and create more beautiful memories.