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March of Death by Tests

Three more days…

I didn’t write anything last night which broke my forming a habit.  I wasn’t very near a trustworthy source (nor was I of completely sound mind).

It’s finals week.  It’s finally started and I’ve come to noticed I have slacked on my duties.  A bit.  Today, as of this moment, I am preparing myself mentally for a Friday night at a local restaurant that’s taken me in.  I’ve been working there for six months.  Interestingly enough the only part that unnerves me about my assignment here is the tedious amounts of work.  I am chatting with my bunk mate who is play the new DMC – I wonder if there are game to make the sequels on the next generation of consoles.  This so far has been my only solace.  That and the newly acquainted liquors and beers that have been poured into my soul.

This past Wednesday I went to the pub with a friend that I had been putting of seeing for quite some time.  I felt awkward and embarrassed because this was the friend my other friend was trying to hook me up with.  I mentioned it, laughed a little which might have come off as quite akin to a bitch (but really, I was laughing at something else) and told him it would not work out – he wasn’t my type.  Which he very well isn’t.  He was flustered, as expected.  Asked me why that was so and if he wasn’t good enough for me in a slight joking tone.  Maybe that was to take a bit of the sting out.  I only repeated, you’re not my type.  I can’t remember if I said the words, “I don’t like you like that”.  I hope so.  I had drank enough to have slight lapses in memory – not that that is hard for me.  But he did call me a lightweight – after a nice full glass of wine at home, a glass of Woodchuck, an Irish Pancake, a White Russian and a glass of Smithwicks.  I paced myself well and was feeling delightful and accepted friend’s offer to return to his bunking with his roommates and chill for he had just gotten notice that it was one of their birthdays.  We stopped at a gas station, bought more beer and I let him drink the rest as we watched a movie with his roommates.  I guess he had gotten over the hurt because I was there until four in the morning.  I insisted I walk myself back, I felt more apt to enjoy my own company.

Then on Thursday, or last night for me, I went to a photo reception for what ended up being several friends – including a girl in the sorority who was intent on celebrating her graduation (all her finals were finished) and to make up for the fact she had been hired at an awesome job.  We were going to eat at the Lucky’s 13 Pub, which I was totally down for, and return to her hotel room to chill in the hot tub, which sounded lovely but I was tired. I hadn’t planned on staying but I gave into peer pressure and after one Dos Equis, two shots of Morgan we were headed out the door with my roommate on call to pick up more alcohol (none of us were minors – no worries) and I had a nice cup full of Kracken.  And that was almost the last drink of the night.  One more was had, an Angry Orchard at two or so in the morning. Then we ventured out into the pool/hot tub area and I was in heaven.  I jumped into the pool after I noticed the Kraken had just started to hit me.  But the pool…  At a quarter to nine it was so lovely.  I missed the water so!  I swam until it was time to go and into a Midnight Breakfast at school.  Very misleading title.  But I was feeling so good and didn’t care I was going in my bathing suit or the fact I had lost my contacts in the pool.  It was so great!

But then I came home and realized dear me, the party was not quite over.  Hence I was very game to enjoy myself more.  I played some games.  And had my last drink and went to bed, out of my mind tired.  And when I woke up at 7:34 in the morning having to pee really bad and so thirsty… I slept on and on.  Well I tried.