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War on Tests, Second Passage

Winter has settled in and temperatures are dropping.  Local meteorologists claim that this week will be nothing short of an iced over hell.  I sort of miss the warmth of last week.  Hopefully things will perk up.

Otherwise things are not looking so good.  The snow and chill is getting to me, making me cold and tired.  Right now I feel as I suppose a bear would, getting ready for hibernation.  Perhaps I shall hibernate to and come out when the sun is shining for longer than eight hours a day.

We are a week away from finals.  A simple seven days after tonight passes.  Preparations have been slow and dampened by the weather but supplies for my next assignment have come in.  Unfortunately today I was informed by courier that the papers I sent in confirming my graduation from secondary school indicated that I did not graduate.  Which is of course ridiculous:  why else would I be here?  Of the five official forms I had apparently they received the only copy that was messed up.  Now I must call and inform them of the mistake and make sure they get another correct, copy.  Otherwise I am left to figure out finances and tertiary enrollment transcripts.

I can see my breath in the air.


The War Begins

Day 1:  15 days left

Hell week.  A dreadful week for most of my fellow classmates.  Have they prepared any or are they like me willing to leave enough up to chance?

I do not know.  I’ve not seen the proctor’s of my tests for weeks now.  For now, I am fine with that but within these words I will divulge my grand scheme for passing my finals.

– clean and prepare dwelling for heavy fire

– schedule and completely leisure times so as not to get completely wrapped up in war

– learn the whereabouts of finals

– determine the weapons that will be employed

– eat food

– drink tea

– determine days of attack

– kick ass, neglect taking names

– sleep

My only regret is the inevitability of other matters appearing in my life making this assault more arduous than need be.  Errands to run for different companies will surely bog down the times I will dedicate to studying my enemies.  But they should fear me nonetheless!  Preparations have gone well indeed and closer I edge toward making my transfer complete.  There’s still some paperwork left here and there but I will not miss this land as much as I thought.

The shaky internet connections has corrupted and claimed the minds of the young, the innocent.  People rage as their ability to remain competent is stolen.  I can only pray that my own connections that I have built through different sources outweighs the universal bad luck of relying too heavily on technology.

Preparations…  The first stage is almost complete.  I shall soon have my room ready and equipped with the necessary tools to help me succeed.  Such is the way of a smart warrior!