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This game still has not gone down in price!

You play poor Vincent who’s in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend named Katherine who starts pressing the idea that maybe… they should get out of their comfort zone.  It sort of freaks him out.  Suddenly he starts having nightmares.  Odd ones.  Every night you must spend your nightmares climbing a tower of blocks, a puzzle.  One night while visiting his favorite bar, The Stray Sheep, he gets massively drunk.  And meets this blonde hottie who’s totally throwing the moves on him.  Next morning, voila! Cheater.  The game is basically you deciding Vincent’s fate.

Now that the synopsis is over.  I actually really enjoyed this game!  It’s been a long time since I have been able to get all riled up from a game, enjoying the mind-bending puzzles (I totally played on easy too!).  I’m totally going to give it another go to shoot for another ending (hell yeah replay value) as well as challenge myself on a higher difficulty.

If you have enough spare funds (it’s still running for approximately $40) or you have a friend with it, maybe you’d like to give a try.